O Seminário de Probabilidade e Mecânica Estatística se reúne às quartas às 13h, horário de Brasília (16:00 UTC).

Data: 19/06/2024
Palestrante: Ivailo Hartarsky, Technische Universität Wien
Título: Bootstrap percolation is local
Resumo: Bootstrap percolation is a classical statistical physics model displaying metastable behaviour. Let each site of the square lattice be infected independently with a fixed probability. At each round, infect each site with at least two infected neighbours and do not remove any infections. How long does it take before the origin is infected? We start by reviewing the rich history of this problem and some of the classical arguments used to tackle it. We then give a very precise answer to the above question in the relevant regime of sparse infection. The key to the proof is a new locality approach to bootstrap percolation, which also resolves the bootstrap percolation paradox concerning the failure of numerical predictions in the field. The talk is based on joint work with Augusto Teixeira available at

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Seminários anteriores

Data: 19/06/2024
Palestrante: Dieter Mitsche, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Título: Component sizes in spatial random graphs

Data: 12/06/2024
Palestrante: Hubert Lacoin, IMPA
Título: Strong disorder and very strong disorder are equivalent for directed polymers

Data: 5/06/2024
Palestrante: Kavita Ramanan, University of Brown
Título: Quenched Hydrodynamic Limits for Interacting Jump Processes on Sparse Random Graphs

Data: 29/05/2024
Palestrante: Nikos Zygouras, University of Warwick
Título: The Critical 2d Stochastic Heat Flow and other critical SPDEs

Data: 15/05/2024
Palestrante: Stefano Olla, University of Paris-Dauphine, Gran Sasso Institute of Science (L’Aquila-Italy), Institut Universitaire de France
Título: Heat equation from a deterministic dynamics

Data: 08/05/2024
Palestrante: Philippe Sosoe, Cornell U.
Título: Collapse for the infinite volume Phi_2^3 model

Data: 24/04/2024
Palestrante: Alan Rapoport, Utrecht University
Título: Fermionic fields, Abelian sandpiles and uniform spanning trees: A connection

Data: 10/04/2024
Palestrante: Georg Menz, UCLA
Título: The Positive Rates Conjecture in Nearest-Neighbor Cellular Automata

Data: 03/04/2024
Palestrante: Hindy Drillick, Columbia University NY, USA
Título: The KPZ equation limit of random walks in random environments

Data: 27/03/2024
Palestrante: Alessandra Faggionato, Università di Roma La Sapienza
Título: An ergodic theorem with weights and applications to random measures, RW homogenisation and IPS hydrodynamics

Data: 20/03/2024
Palestrante: Clement Cosco, Université Paris Dauphine
Título: Directed polymers in random environment and the critical dimension

Data: 06/03/2024
Palestrante: Ali Zahra, IST-Lisboa
Título: Asymmetric exclusion process with next nearest neighbor interaction

Data: 28/02/2024
Palestrante: Quentin Berger, LPSM, Sorbonne Université, and DMA, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris
Título: Some results about the Ising model on a Galton-Watson tree

Data: 21/02/2024
Palestrante: Alexandre Stauffer, King's College London
Título: Mixing time of random walk on dynamical random cluster

Data: 07/02/2024
Palestrante: Gunter Schütz is Professor of Physics at Bonn University and Research Scientist at the Forschungszentrum Jülich.
Título: Mesoscale mode coupling theory for the weakly asymmetric simple exclusion process

Data: 24/01/2024
Palestrante: Guilherme Silva, ICMC, USP São Carlos
Título: Random matrices: from Painlevé to KPZ

Data: 17/01/2024
Palestrante: Christophe Garban, Camille Jordan Institute
Título: Fluctuations of the Discrete Gaussian Chain

Data: 20/12/2023
Palestrante: Julian Kern, Weierstrass Institute
Título: TASEP's big brother: the totally asymmetric long jump asymmetric exclusion process (TALJEP)

Data: 6/12/2023
Palestrante: Alessia Nota, L'Aquila University
Título: On the Smoluchowski equation for aggregation phenomena: stationary non-equilibrium solutions

Data: 29/11/2023
Palestrante: Alberto Chiarini, University of Padova
Título: How efficiently does a simple random walk cover a portion of a macroscopic body?

Data: 15/11/2023
Palestrante: Sonia Velasco, Université Paris-Cité
Título: Quasi-potential for the one dimensional SSEP in weak contact with reservoirs

Data: 08/11/2023
Palestrante: Arjun Krishnan, University of Rochester, New York
Título: On the phase diagram of the polymer model

Data: 01/11/2023
Palestrante: Santiago Saglietti, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Título: Scaling limit of the heavy-tailed ballistic deposition model with p-sticking

Data: 25/10/2023
Palestrante: Avelio Sepúlveda, Universidad de Chile
Título: On the discrete Coulomb gas

Data: 18/10/2023
Palestrante: Paul Chleboun, University of Warwick
Título: Mixing times for Facilitated Exclusion Processes

Data: 11/10/2023
Palestrante: Michael Conroy, University of Arizona
Título: Extreme values in the symmetric exclusion process

Data: 04/10/2023
Palestrante: Davide Gabrielli, University of L'Aquila
Título: Solvable Stationary Non Equilibrium States

Data: 27/9/2023
Palestrante: Adrián González Casanova, University of California at Berkeley
Título: Sample duality

Data: 20/9/2023
Palestrante: Matteo D'Achille, LMO Université Paris-Saclay
Título: Almost Gibbsian Measures on a Cayley Tree

Data: 9/8/2023
Palestra Especial (presencial e online): Enrique Andjel
Lugar: Sala 232 IMPA
Título: One dimensional contact process with modified border conditions.

Data: 5/7/2023
Palestrante: Alessandra Occelli, Université d'Angers
Título: Universality of multi-component stochastic systems

Data: 28/6/2023
Palestrante: Márton Balázs, University of Bristol
Título: Blocking measures is a combinatorial goldmine

Data: 21/6/2023
Palestrante: Assaf Shapira, Université Paris Cité
Título: Topologically induced metastability in periodic XY chain

Data: 14/6/2023
Palestrante: Partha Dey, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Título: Curie-Weiss Model under $l^p$ constraint

Data: 07/06/2023
Palestrante: Clement Erignoux, INRIA, Lille
Título: Modelling active matter by active lattice gases : exact hydrodynamic description and phase transitions.

Data: 31/5/2023
Palestrante: Sylvie Méléard, École Polytechnique
Título: Exponent dynamics for branching processes.

Data: 24/5/2023
Palestrante: Lorenzo Bertini, La Sapienza, Roma
Título: On the probability of observing energy increasing solutions to the Boltzmann equation.

Data: 17/5/2023
Palestrante: Alex Dunlap, New York University
Título: The nonlinear stochastic heat equation in the critical dimension

Data: 10/5/2023
Palestrante: Kevin Yang, UC Berkeley
Título: Universality and well-posedness for a time-inhomogeneous KPZ equation

Data: 3/5/2023
Palestrante: Federico Sau, University of Trieste
Título: Spectral gap of the symmetric inclusion proces

Data: 26/4/2023
Palestrante: Fraydoun Rezakhanlou, Berkeley
Título: Kinetic Theory for Laguerre Tessellations

Data: 19/4/2023
Palestrante: Giuseppe Cannizzaro, University of Warwick and UKRI Future Leaders Fellow.
Título: Title: Weak coupling scaling of critical SPDES.

Data: 12/4/2023
Palestrante: Timo Seppalainen, University of Wisconsin
Título: Stationary horizon as the universal multitype stationary distribution Video

Data: 05/4/2023
Palestrante: Chiara Franceschini, University of Modena
Título: Two duality relations for Markov processes with an open boundary

Data: 29/3/2023
Palestrante: Stefan Grosskinsky, Augsburg
Título: Size-biased diffusion limits for the inclusion process

Data: 22/3/2023
Palestrante: Benoit Dagallier, Cambridge, UK
Título: Large deviations for out of equilibrium correlations in the symmetric simple exclusion process. Video

Data: 15/3/2023
Palestrante: Linjie Zhao, Wuhan University.
Título: The tagged particle in asymmetric exclusion process with long jumps. Video

Data: 8/3/2023
Palestrante: Jinho Baik, University of Michigan
Título: Multi-point distribution of periodic TASEP and differential equations. Video

Data: 1/3/2023
Palestrante: Mario Ayala, Technische Universität München (TUM).
Título: Fluctuation fields and orthogonal self-dualities.

Data: 22/2/2023
Palestrante: Minmin Wang, University of Sussex.
Título: Geometry of a large random intersection graph inside the critical window

Data: 15/2/2023
Palestrante: Eric Luçon, Université Paris Cité.
Título: How large is the mean-field framework ?

Data: 8/2/2023
Palestrante: Elena Kosygina, City University of New York
Título: Convergence and non-convergence of some self-interacting random walks to Brownian motion perturbed at extrema.

Data: 1/2/2023
Palestrante: Augusto Teixeira, IMPA.
Título: Phase transition for percolation with axes-aligned defects.

Data: 25/1/2023
Palestrante: Milton Jara, IMPA.
Título: Stein's method for Markovian martingales.

Data: 18/01/2023
Palestrante: Fabio Toninelli, Technical University of Vienna.
Título: An SPDE version of (W)ASEP in dimension d greater or equal to 2

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